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Before and After Shoe Repair

David Rafailov, Master Craftsman

I am of Old World origin, but have been proud to be an American citizen for decades. I've also been a big Beatles fan from my youth, so some of my customers know me as the "old Beatles guy" who magically transforms and restores their fine quality leather shoes, boots and accessories. I love challenges - I've made a purse for the wife of a man who brought in a skin from an alligator he had caught, custom pet leashes and collars, weapons cases, retrofitted shoes. 

Highway 9 is Proud to Introduce Renowned

Leather Goods Master Craftsman David to Our Location!

Not all shoe repair services are alike. Fine leather boots, equestrian boots and couture shoes require high-caliber repair only master craftsmen can provide. Unfortunately for consumers, many shoe repair and cobbler services are able to provide only basic care, as they lack the extensive experience and understanding needed to perform delicate work and restore items to match the original quality.The fact is, it takes true dedication and passion to master the art of shoe repair. Extensive knowledge and skills are required for fine footwear care and repair to restore fine leather goods to their original (or better) condition.


Fine leather work is my passion. I treat all jobs, large or small with the same focus: meeting or exceeding customer expectations. I learned my skills in the style of an Old World apprentice. As an Old-World craftsman I've spent over 30 years practicing my trade. I can confidently and professionally repair and restore of a broad range of footwear and leather goods, from fine hand-stitching to color matching. 

Same Outstanding Quality, New Convenient Location.

Highway 9 is the new Location for the former owner of

North Point Shoe Repair
 & Old Alabama Shoe Repair


David Rafailov, Master Craftsman

 (the old Beatles fan)

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